Anybody in Fairfax can tell you that our music scene is virtually nonexistent here. Yet, there are people here. Lots of people.
About 1.1 Million people if you want to get into it. That is 1/8 of the total population of Virginia.

One of the big goals for Heady Entertainment is that we want to create, encourage and support a community of people who have similar tastes in music here. There are fans spread out all around the county and if only we could bring them together, then we could have a taste of what cities like Richmond and Baltimore seem to take for granted. Help us bring the area together by sharing ideas and events through us. Sure, we want to promote our own shows. But, if you know of a jam show going on in the Northern Virginia area, post it here and everyone will benefit.

The time is right. The people are here. Let's bring the music!